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3 Meditation Apps for iOS and Android

3 Meditation Apps for iOS and Android

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, meditation can be hard. To help you meditate when it's hard for you to do, we got you three apps that will help you meditate whenever you want to.


Headspace is one of the most used meditation apps around. This app offers both guided and unguided meditations and has something for everyone, no matter what your level is.

The app offers a free course of ten sessions to learn you the basics of meditation. These exercises only take ten minutes and are meant to be done everyday. After subscribing, the rest of the course is unlocked with sessions which are longer and take your meditation skills even further.

Now that you know the basics you can take on other meditation exercises. Headspace offers multiple categories like Health or Happiness and sub-divides them to e.g. anxiety, stress or sleep. By picking something you would like to reduce or improve you can start dozens of exercises just for this cause.

Headspace also offers exercises for people who do not have much time with their one minute exercises. They even offer sessions for children to fall asleep faster or to get more focused.

Headspace comes with ten free exercises to get you started. Subscriptions for the other features start at $7.92 per month.

Download Headspace on iOS or Android.

Calm App Icon


Calm is a free app which doesn't give you the subtle introduction to meditation as Headspace does but you can choose a beginner course if you'd like.

The first thing you'll notice are the beautiful background videos that come with calm. You can choose between a few dozen videos which will get you right in the mood.

Just as in Headspace you can choose a category like 'focus' or 'personal growth' and the app will show you exercises on this subject. It comes with some free sessions and to unlock everything you need to subscribe.

Something very neat about Calm is what they offer besides the meditation courses. You can choose serene music to listen to while you meditate on your own or you can choose a sleep story when you're ready for bed.

Sleep stories are made to transition from your busy life to the calm state you should be in when you want to sleep. If you are one of those people who checks their social media in bed and has a hard time falling asleep because of that, try the sleep stories in Calm. There are dozens of stories and they are told by people like Stephen Fry or Tamara Levitt.

Calm costs $4.99 per month for a yearly subscription or $12.99 when billed monthly.

Download Calm on iOS or Android.

Simple Habit App Icon

Simple Habit

Simple Habit aims to make meditation a habit you do every day. After opening the app for the first time it asks you what you want to achieve, whether that be reducing stress or you want to get more focused.

Because this app trains habits it reminds you every day at a set time to open the app and do a session.

Just like the other apps mentioned earlier, Simple Habit has a library full of different exercises for different causes. You can pick one based on your personalized list or pick one from topics like better sleep or sessions made for students.

With On The Go you can tell the app what your situation is and it will play a meditation accordingly. This could be a session while commuting, during your lunchbreak or for when you're feeling under the weather.

Simple Habit costs $11.99 or $7.99 when billed yearly.

Download Calm on iOS or Android.

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